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Splight is a Super Assault Bakugan and a Special Evolution Bakugan. All that is known is that it evolves from a Dharak below 700 Gs and the power level of the game must be 2. It's Ball form has a strong resemblence to Ancient Nemus. It was released along with Mystic Chancer, Merlix, Glotronoid, and Raptorix. It's also in the BakuZoon series.



It has two spinning disks on either side of it. On each of the sides the two disks spin independently, it has red eyes and has a open ball form similar to Ancient Nemus. It is a fly-wheel Bakugan.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

In episode 1 a kid used a Darkus Splight and another used a Aquos one.

In episode 2, an Aquos one was used by the Neathian in Ren's story.

Ability Cards
  • Dust Needle:


Reference Card: After you stand a Splight you may move it to any other Gate Card. ==


  • Splight looks like Ancient Nemus with a hockey mask.
  • In the game, he evolves from Dharak. In the anime, he seems to be a commonly used Bakugan, while Dharak is a one of a kind.
  • Despite coming from Dharak (a Gundalian Bakugan) it is labeled as a Neathian Bakugan.
  • Splight has a common trait with Neo Dragonoid; According to it's Refrence Card it "evolves" from a Dharak 600 Gs or less. This can be considered more of a downgrade than an evolution. Just like how Neo Dragonoid was downgraded from being the Perfect Core to being in his state of body according to Apollonir.
  • Some Splight boxes say BakuClone instead of BakuZoon.