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[[1]] Snapzoid is a snake-like Bakugan. In Bakugan form, it resembles a centipede with a dragon's head. It slightly resembles Serpenoid or Rattleoid. Inside it's mouth, it has a another head. It's first appearance in the anime was in New Vestroia episode 52.


He appeared as a digital clone in the final episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia. Professor Clay had tried to use him to trap the Brawlers and stop them from destroying the Alternative Weapon System. He was defeated by Master Ingram.

He appeared in episode 5 of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, being used by an unknown Subterra Brawler and defeating Mason Brown and his Pyrus Clawsaurus.


Snapzoid was released together with Lumagrowl, Avior, Dharak, Coredem, Phosphos, Strikeflier, and Helix Dragonoid. When opened, it has a button on the back of its head that, when pressed, will extend the centipede-like appendage from the bottom of it's head. It is in the BakuDouble Strike series because of its button that activates the centipede-like appendage.

There are currently no Haos versions released. Its Subterra version comes in only one variation, with 720 Gs in BakuBoost. Its Aquos version comes in three variations, with 660 Gs in BakuTriad, 780 Gs in BakuBoost, and one with 820 Gs. Its Pyrus version comes in one varaition, with 730 Gs in BakuBoost and BakuTriad. Its Ventus version comes in one variation, with 680 Gs in BakuBoost. Its Darkus version has 770 Gs.

Ability Cards
  • Dual Snapper: Cancels the opponent's ability and adds 300 to Snapzoid.
  • False Spawn: Adds 400 to Snapzoid.


  • Snapzoid is one of the few Bakugan that comes with instructions.




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