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Shadow Wing is a Bakugan that is spherical but can be combined with another Bakugan like Wired.



It can combine with Master Ingram using the card Ninjitsu Combo. Shadow Wing comes from Master Ingram's attribute powers. He basically gives Master Ingram an extra 350 Gs and is treated as a real Bakugan. His appearance looks very close to Master Ingram's.


Bakugan New Vestroia[]

Shadow Wing appeared in episode 30 when Shun used the ability 'Moonlight Slash' and Master Ingram used the ability Shadow Wing by himself. He combined with Master Ingram and defeated Aluze.

It appeared in ball form later on in the series, which means the Shadow Wing ability was permanent.

Shadow Wing appeared in episode 51, where he battled and defeated Zenoheld together with Hydron, Gus, and the rest of the resistance's Bakugan.

Ability Cards

  • Armored Intense Mode: Nullifies the opponents ability and adds 200 Gs to Shadow Wing.