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Quake Dragonoid is a Super Assault Bakugan, and also a Special Evolution Bakugan.


Game It's Pyrus version has 1000 Gs. There is a gear on one side that you have wind up, and it vibrates when it opens. It sort of spins slowly in a quarter circle. You need to skip a turn to exchange it with a Dragonoid of any variation under 650 Gs, the Power Level must be 2 in order to use it, and you have to include your variation of Dragonoid as part of the three Bakugan you are using in your force then. Currently, Quake Dragonoid comes only in Pyrus, Haos, Aquos,Ventus and in Darkus 950 Gs. The Aquos version has 940 Gs, the Haos has 960 Gs, the Ventus has 950 Gs, the Subterra has 970 Gs, and the Pyrus version has 1000 Gs. Quake Dragonoid moves around the environment with a slow steady caution, but always packs a powerful punch when attacking. Exhales a super intense fire blast to melt and destroy any opponent. Starts avalanches by sending shockwaves with a single mighty punch to the ground.


  • This could possibly be the evolution of Lumino Dragonoid.
  • On BakuTremor Quake Dragonoid Pack there is Chance Dragonoid shown instead of Quake Dragonoid (on Chance Dragonoid Pack there's a Quake Dragonoid)