The Perfect Core is the known source that holds Vestroia's balance, and is the center plot of the series. When Drago absorbed the Infinity Core and the Silent Core, he became the Perfect Dragonoid completly, but then, following the spirit of Wavern, he went to the center of Vestroia, and then sacrficed himself to fuse both energies and became the new Core. The Perfect Core (according to Spectra) is not really a core but a dimension, and he think that its nothing more than the six attributes momentum in an orb formation. Drago, having complete control over all six attributes is primary called the Perfect Dragonoid. When New Vestroia was invaded by the Vestals, Drago needed to call for help. So the Six Ancient Warriors, Apollonir, Lars Lion, Frosch, Oberus, Clayf, and Exedra used their energy to separate Drago's body from the Core and they said he would look different. He did, Drago became Neo Dragonoid. however this didn't leave Drago entirely, as the diamond on his chest remained and the power of the core reappeared on several occasions including Dan's battles with the Vexos, and when he supposedly died saving the doomed Bakugan from the BT System. It appeared to Drago as Wavern, who told him not to give into death before vanishing. Drago awoke and absorbed all the Attribute Energies and became, in a way, the Ultimate Bakugan, in the form of Helix Dragonoid. In Gundalian Invaders the Perfect Core may have some connection with the Element (held by Neo Ziperator) from Neathia .

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