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Lumitroid is a scorpion-like Bakugan and a type of Super Assault Bakugan.



Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

Its first appearance in the anime was in New Vestroia episode 52. It is the last of the four digital clones in the Alternative to be defeated. The sound effect was the exact same as the toy.

Bakugan Gundalian Invaders[]

A Haos Lumitroid appeared and was defeated by Jesse's Farakspin in episode 5


It is shown on the package like a cross between a dog, a crab, and a scorpion. It somewhat resembles Clawsaurus. It illuminates and makes a sound affect when it touches metal. When this Bakugan was first released it was thought to be Goblinball. This Bakugan's battery must be changed every once in a while, it runs on two 1.5 volt batteries. It is part of the Super Assault series known as BakuBolt.

Its Pyrus version has 730 Gs, Darkus has 740 Gs, and the Haos version has 750 Gs.

Ability Cards

Bright Flasher: Cancels any of the opponent's abilities.


  • Pyrus Lumitroid is the most common version in stores, but can't be found on Bakugan Dimensions against an NPC.