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Jetkor is Helix Dragonoid's battle gear in Bakugan:Gundalian Invaders.It was the second battle gear made after Twin Destructor, but the third one to be shown, after Twin Destructor and Battle Crusher. it was made using the Phantom Data and Vestal technology.

Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

Spectra accidentally greatly wounded Drago because the battle gear did not at first fit with Drago's DNA, but Drago refused to give up. After the battle, Keith made a revised version of it to make it easier for him to use. In the final episode of New Vestroia, it helped Drago destroy the Alternative Weapon.

Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[]

It appeared in the first episode to help Helix Dragonoid battle Linehalt.

It later helps battle Drago, Dan, Akwimos, and Marucho battle Phosphos and Rubanoid in the following episode.

It appeared in episode 3, helping Dan and Drago battle Fabia Sheen and Aranaut.

It appeared in episode 5 to aid Drago against Rubanoid and Contesteir but near the end of the battle detatched from Drago after Contesteir used an abillity to sacrifice himself and made his partner Zenet Surrow to go out of the battle, in order to help Rubanoid defeat Drago.

It appeared in episode 9 to help Drago and Coredem defeat Ramdol and Ziperator.

It appeared yet again in episode 12 to help Drago defeat Rubanoid after Sid activated the Gate Card Ruby Storm.

Ability Cards

JetKor (JetKor Delta): Freezes the opponent's Bakugan and adds 500 Gs to JetKor.

  • JetKor Level 2 (JetKor Flame Impact): Transfers 600 Gs from the opponents to JetKor.


In the toys, Copper has 60 Gs, Silver has 50 Gs and 70 Gs, and Gold has 70 Gs.

Reference Cards

*Pyrus: Flip 2 coins. +80 G-Power for each heads.

  • Aquos: +100 G-Power if you have fewer Ability cards in your used pile than your enemy.



'[1]'JetKor in Gear form'[2]'Helix Dragonoid with JetKor attached in ball form'[3]'Helix Dragonoid with JetKor attached in Bakugan form'[4]'A Bakucamo colored Jetkor. Add a photo to this gallery'


'[5]'JetKor'[6]'Silver JetKor attached to Pyrus Lumagrowl'[7]'Crimson and Pearl Dharak with Copper JetKor'[8]'JetKor attached to Helix Dragonoid'[9]'JetKor combined with Helix Dragonoid'[10]'JetKor and Helix Dragonoid on the Gate Card "The AU Plateau"'[11]'Prototype JetKor'[12]'Helix Dragonoid connected to JetKor'[13]'Deluxe Gold JetKor'[14]'Deluxe Silver JetKor'[15]'JetKor'[16]'Crimson and Pearl Helix Dragonoid with a wrong DNA code Deluxe Silver JetKor and Aquos Helix Dragonoid with Copper JetKor'[17]'Deka Subterra Lumino Dragonoid with Deka Silver JetKor Add a photo to this gallery'


'[18]'Silver JetKor in BD