G Power is the basic measure of a Bakugan's current power level. The G-power may be affected by Ability Cards and Gate Cards. It is found on the inside of a Bakugan in white or black writing. The G-power is also affected by the newly released Battle Gears.

When they are purchasing a Bakugan, the G-Power for the open Bakugan is usually covered with a grey sticker to prevent customers from only purchasing strong Bakugan although sometimes the sticker is moved, fell off, or is completely missing. The highest G-Powered Bakugan is a 2007G Neo Dragonoid made of pure steel which is one of the prizes for the Baku-Con Championship, won by Christopher Ruff. The second highest were 1000G Neo Dragonoids given out to the Baku-Con semi-finalists. Only 36 are owned. The highest common Bakugan is Pyrus Quake Dragonoid with 1000 Gs. A less common one is Darkus Splight with 1000 Gs. Ventus Longfly has 1250Gs.

Christopher Ruff holds the record for the Bakugan with the highest G-Power.