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Farakspin is a dragonfly/wasp-like Super Assault Bakugan. It is in the BakuCyclone series. It has four metalic wings.



Bakugan: New Vestroia[]

It also appears in Bakugan: New Vestroia episode 52 as a digital clone but is defeated by Dan, Ace, Shun, and Baron.


It is in the BakuCyclone series. The wings close down and cover the whole body like a shell. You do not have to wind this Bakugan up like some other spinning Bakugan, there is a small wing underneath the spinning part that when closing, will automatically ready the gear and sometimes the wing gets stuck and it won't spin but it still spins a lot

Its Subterra version has 700 Gs. Its Pyrus version has 720 Gs. Its Aquos version has 740 Gs. Its Darkus version has 750 Gs. There is another Bakugan named Raptorix which has a body somewhat like Farakspin, but the head is different in ball form.

Ability Cards
  • Windy Wall: Adds 300 to Farakspin.
  • Tornado Ripper: Subtracts 400 from the opponent.

Bakugan Dimensions[]

Farakspin is shown on Ventus abilities along with Helix Dragonoid, Lumitroid, and Strikeflier. It appears to be thinner/weaker on the BD screen during battle compared to the TV show.