Dan Kuso
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Vital statistics
Title Master Dan (by Baron)

Dan the Man (by Jake)

Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Battle Brawlers
Health Healthy
Level 12 (debut) currently 16
Status Alive
Location Unknown Town


Opponent Outcome
Shuji Win
Shuji (with Darkus) Win
Masquerade Draw
Rikimaru Win
Ryo Lose
Ryo Win
Kenta and Kenji (tag with Runo) Win
Shun and Masquerade (tag with Shun half way) Lose
Chan Lee Win
Julio (tag with Runo) Win
Klaus, Chan Lee, and Julio (tag with Runo and Marucho) Win
Joe No Outcome
Akira,Shuji, & Nene (Tag With Runo) (Helped by Alice) Win
Masquerade Lose
Runo (As Illusionary Haos) Lose
Julie Win
Marucho Win
Runo Win
Shun Win
Masquerade (Alice) Win
Centorrior and Druman (tag with Nova Lion then Masquerade) Win
Centorrior and Druman (tag with Runo) Win
Hal-G Win
Lync and Volt (tag with Mira) Win
Ace Draw
Gus Lose
Gus and Spectra (tag with Shun) Win
Spectra Lose
Spectra Win
Mylene and Shadow Win
Gus and Mira (Tag with Ace) Win
Spectra No Outcome
Spectra (tag with Mira and Marucho) Win
Spectra (rematch from Bakugan New Vestroia 26 and 28) Brawled in episode 38 Win
Hydron (With Mira) Win
King Zenoheld (with Spectra) Lose due to the trap field
Spectra (Episode 44) rematch from previous episodes. Win
Spectra (without Helios) Win
King Zenoheld (with the other brawlers, Gus Grav and Hydron Win
Ren Krawler No outcome
Sid Arcale and Lena Aisis (Tag with Marucho) Win
Fabia Sheen Win
Jake Vallory(Practice) Win
Sid Arcale and Lena Aisis (Tag with Marucho) Win
Sid Arcale and Zenet Surrow (Tag with Ren) Lose
Mason Brown and Taylor (tag with Shun Kazami) Win
CN and Luin (Tag with Jake) Win
Sid Arcale Win
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