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Welcome to New Bakugan Two Wiki!

Bakugan Two Wiki is the backup of the Bakugan Wiki. Editors are encouraged to come here and edit in case something goes wrong over there.


  1. No Vandalism - If you've come to vandalize, I suggest you either to leave or get ready to be blocked.
  2. No Spamming - Do not spam. Spamming annoys people and makes messes.
  3. Put in Valid Information - This is not a fanon wiki. It is a back-up canon wiki. People come here to find the right info.
  4. Be Nice - Do not go around harrassing others. If you can't be friends or even get along, then don't talk at all.
  5. No Sockpuppets - We will not allow you to use multiple accounts. It's confusing and it's a good way to ruin a wiki.
  6. Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help - If you have a problem, come to us admins. We are here to keep the wiki balanced and help people.
  7. HAVE FUN!!!!!!! - A wiki isn't a job (except for us admins of course). Come have fun while editing. Make friends. And most importantly have fun!!!!!!!!
  8. No blocking the founder Don't block founder of this wiki,GaiaDrago.Or your adminship or crat is gone forever

Failures to follow rules 1 - 5 will result in a punishment. Punishments are listed below:

  1. First time - Warning
  2. Second time - Blocked for 3 days
  3. Third time - Blocked for 1 week/2 weeks
  4. Fourth time - Blocked for 1 month
  5. Fifth time - Blocked for 6 months
  6. Sixth time - Blocked for 1 year
  7. Seventh time - blocked for 2 years
  8. Eigth time -blocked for infinite


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