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The Attribute of Bakugan is representative of the element of the Bakugan. The Vestroia universe was split into six planets of fire, water, air, earth, light, and darkness. There are a few Bakugan who don't have an attribute. ==Attributes== {|class="wikitable" |+Attributes !Attribute !Color !Description |- |Template:Attribute |Red, Yellow and Orange |The Attribute of Fire. |- |Template:Attribute |Blue, Red and Cyan |The Attribute of Water. |- |Template:Attribute |Brown and Orange |The Attribute of Earth |- |Template:Attribute |Yellow and White |The Attribute of Light. |- |Template:Attribute |Purple, Green, and Black (Sometimes has Red) |The Attribute of Darkness. |- |Template:Attribute |Green and Cyan |The Attribute of Wind. |- |The White Ones |Pink and White |No Attribute Bakugan. |- |Gold |Gold Details |They are on Battle Gears. |- | Silver |Silver Details | They are on the Battle Gears. |- |Copper |Copper Details |They are on the Battle Gears. |}


The Attribute Circle

==Hexagonal Relations== All of the Attributes are put on a hexagonal circle and connect with each other in some way, allowing certain ability cards to activate and make Bakugan more powerful. These relations have only been used in the anime and video game. * Side Relation - These are attributes that are next to each other on the hexagonal circle. If the attribute of your Bakugan is next to the one of your opponent's Bakugan that it is in battle with, +100 Gs. * Diagonal Relation - These are attributes that are diagonally linked. These allow any Bakugan to receive a +100G Power up as long as the to Attributes are in their Unused Pile. * Triple Node - Unlike the other two, the triple node requires three attributes to work and is considered the hardest one to activate. These activate with the Bakugan and form triangles. If the three Bakugan in your possession are the three necessary to activate the triple node it can be done for +200 G. There are only two; Pyrus-Aquos-Haos and Subterra-Ventus-Darkus * Dextra (all six) -